Specialists in Motor Vehicle Accident Claims

We help recover your full claim from the at fault party.

  • We do all the work. No hassle. No cost. No need to negotiate.
  • Quick resolution. Move on with your life, as soon as possible.
  • We will get the best result for you. Peace of mind that you will be compensated for your losses.
  • Choose your preferred repairer. No need to go with your insurer's preference.
  • Loan cars covered. Get back on the road with your repairer's courtesy car, at no cost to you

We specialise in motor vehicle claims

and process over 150 claims each month

The Accident Claims Process


    Select your preferred repairer.


    Fill out the ADRS Claim Form and Authority to Act.


    We negotiate with the party at fault’s insurer to obtain an admission of liability.


    Your motor vehicle is assessed by an independent assessor.


    Repairs of your motor vehicle are authorised. Your selected repairer repairs your motor vehicle.


    We pursue your loss from the party at fault’s insurance provider.


    We settle your claim and the invoice for the repairs is paid to your repairer, minus ADRS fees.

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Why Choose ADRS Lawyers?

We specialise in claims for property damage arising from motor vehicle accidents. We handle over 150 claims each month and achieve great results for our clients.

We help recover your claim from the at fault party.

If your motor vehicle has been damaged in an accident caused by a driver of another motor vehicle – that is, you are not at fault – then you may be entitled to be compensated by the other driver for the costs you have incurred as a result of that motor vehicle accident.

Our staff can help you recover the costs you have incurred from the accident, such as the costs of repairs to your motor vehicle, hire car, towing and the costs of replacing personal items damaged in the accident.

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